Natural Swimming Areas


Riverpark at Cooleemee Falls


If you’re looking to be closer to nature while you cool off, check out one of the natural swimming areas! The region is rich with lakes and rivers, many of which have established swimming areas, with plenty of hidden gems to seek out in the summer months.



Hidden away around the Piedmont, there are lots of designated swimming areas for cooling off in one of the many lakes in the region. While not all lakes in the area are open to swimming, there are plenty of options! A great benefit to lake swimming is that some are open year round, so they can be a great place to go on those hot spring or fall days when the pools are closed for the season or even for a polar plunge if you’re brave enough!



Rivers have the unique benefit of staying cool when all the pools turn to bathwater in the late summer. A combination of evaporative cooling from all the surface movement, and cold groundwater helping to feed streams and rivers help to keep them refreshing even in the dog days of summer.