Gaining a lot of inspiration from a few different people in the department who partake in outdoor activities PTRC found that it could be highly beneficial for the 12-county region to create a website and entity named NC Triad Outdoors, with the following goals in mind:

  1. First and foremost, promote the usage of outdoor recreational activities to the general public within as well as outside our 12-county region, to create and grow the outdoor community in the triad region.
  2. Secondly, to expand and grow the network of outdoor businesses and communities to further its growth.
  3. Finally, to promote other outdoor companies and businesses to support small businesses owners of the outdoors.

Utilizing these goals, we can create a sustainable and healthy culture surrounding the use of the outdoors.

Companies and outdoor websites have the benefit of being listed on our website to help those interested in whatever activity it is they have to offer. NC Triad Outdoors is a large umbrella that encompasses the use of all activities outdoor related and we have them all filled into our websites as listings and each listing links to a helpful website with more information. This is a way for NC Triad Outdoors to support other outdoor websites and travel bureaus to gain more traffic and usage from the general public. The best way for NC Triad Outdoors to benefit others is by networking and connecting with other outdoor websites so that people are able to find the information they need quick and easy.