Disc golf is one of my favorite leisure sports to play when the weather is nice. It gives me the opportunity to get some sun, get out in nature, and exercise while walking the course. It is very approachable for beginner’s so I love to bring in people who have never played before as well.    I have been playing disc golf since I was around 10 or 11 years old. I used to go out with my family and play at our local park in Charlotte. It was one of the activities we would do if it was a

The Yadkin River has seen usage since the earliest settlements in the Americas, being utilized not only by the settlers in the early 18th century but also before this time period by the indigenous peoples of North America. In fact, we can still see remnants of its use by these groups of people still today. Evidence of these early settlements are still able to be seen today in the form of weirs found all over the Yadkin River, however, it is important to remember not to damage or change the weirs if found. Historical information like this and more can

Most dog owners know the feeling of spelling out the forbidden word around their pet. We spell out w-a-l-k for if the forbidden word is spoke, chaos ensues and does not fade until that dog gets their well-deserved walk. However, sometimes going on a walk can be mundane, whether it be after a long day of work or on a day where it’s hard to have the motivation to go outside. Often, when I have days like this, I go out of my way to look for a fun trail to go on. One that is perfect for a w-a-l-k. Finding